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WIMI Holographic Academy Has Released the “Scientist Funding Program” to Promote the Cultivation of Industrial Talents

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WIMI Holographic Academy Has Released the “Scientist Funding Program” to Promote the Cultivation of Industrial Talents

October 30
03:10 2020

Hong Kong – Tailor Insight, the fintech market research organization, recently released a research report “WIMI Holographic Academy Has Released the ‘Scientist Funding Program’ to Promote the Cultivation of Industrial Talents”. Recently, WIMI Hologram Cloud officially announced the establishment of the “Holographic Academy of Sciences” to conduct research on the cutting-edge technology of holographic AR and technology innovation. It also announced the launch of a “Scientist Funding Program”, focusing on scientific research and supporting technological entrepreneurship.

WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences is a bridge for collaborative innovation between WIMI Hologram Cloud and scholars from the top universities or research institutions in the world. The Academy of Sciences will establish strategic partnerships with scholars from top universities and research institutions in the world to jointly explore disruptive emerging technologies and accelerate the application and promotion of research results.

The core of the “Scientist Funding Program” is to support scientists to do cutting-edge scientific research, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship through the Internet platform in a preferred way. The Holographic Academy of Sciences will showcase the innovative and entrepreneurial research projects for scientists who meet the requirements as examples on the platform.

It will deepen the integration of industry and education and promote the reform of the training model. The “Scientist Funding Program” provides comprehensive innovation acceleration for the development of holographic AR industry, promotes the deep integration of holographic vision and the industry, and promotes the ecological development of the artificial intelligence field and the implementation of holographic applications through the release of technology, talent training, and industry standard formulation.

As the main category targeted by the WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences, it is not only limited to the current development of holographic AR, but is has already derived into a deeper field.

(1) Holographic computing science: biological holographic computing, quantum holographic computing, photon holographic computing, neutrino holographic computing, and maglev holographic computing.

(2) Holographic communication science: quantum holographic communication, dark matter holographic communication, vacuum holographic communication, photon holographic communication, quark holographic communication, and maglev holographic communication.

(3) Micro-integration science: neutrino micro-integration, biological micro-integration, photonic micro-integration, quantum micro-integration, maglev micro-integration, decay micro-integration, fusion micro-integration, and fission micro-integration.

(4) Holographic cloud science: quantum holographic cloud, photon holographic cloud, atmospheric holographic cloud, and space holographic cloud.

WIMI Holographic Academy of Sciences will pay more attention to the frontier and the strategic orientation of talents. It will truly respect the scientific sensitivity and innovation spirit of scientists, promote the funding structure optimization continuously, and take new steps in improving the talent funding chain and promoting innovative research and development.

With the development of science and technology, as well as the demand of the market, holographic projection technology is undoubtedly a breakthrough in various technical bottlenecks. Holographic projection technology has also gradually penetrated various fields, such as industry, commerce, medicine, education, and national defense, and it will be fully used. The economic and social benefits of holographic projection technology in the future are immeasurable, and it will also bring a subversive change and have a significant influence on people’s lives.

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