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A Pupil from the Senior School of Wellington College International Tianjin Received An Offer from World No.2 School for Architecture

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A Pupil from the Senior School of Wellington College International Tianjin Received An Offer from World No.2 School for Architecture

April 20
18:46 2022

Surprising! A pupil from the Senior School of Wellington College International Tianjin has received an offer from World No.2 School for Architecture. YeunHae has become the first pupil from this Tianjin high school to be accepted into the highly prestigious Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL.

Wellington College International Tianjin

YeunHae’s art teacher, Mr Batey describes the achievement as,  

“Something we have been working towards, as an art department, for years. Whenever I meet a prospective architecture student or their parent for the first time, and they mention their dream school, it is always the Bartlett. I have been assisting applicants with this for the past 6 years and though we have had some strong candidates, the admissions process is extremely rigorous and the acceptance rate is a very low 11%. With a QS ranking that fluctuates between one and two in the world and a small yearly intake of around 100 students this is a really outstanding result. 

Wellington College International Tianjin

One of the most challenging aspects of the process is the ‘Bartlett Drawing Task’ whereby a student has to submit a series of drawn responses to a directive or starting point, which is sometimes just one word. The admissions tutors are not simply looking for technical excellence but for evidence of creative responses to the brief, imaginative use of line and pushing of boundaries as to what ‘drawing’ actually is. It’s an all or nothing situation and they won’t even look at a portfolio if your drawings don’t catch their eye. 

Once YeunHae had cleared this hurdle, we began to feel more confident. The benefit of the art A level is that it is so open to interpretation, so we have been able to keep one eye on building a stunning portfolio while completing the coursework element necessary for a top grade.

Wellington College International Tianjin 

The Bartlett is quite renowned for being a creative, philosophical school and we made sure to explore the work of pivotal architects such as Peter Cook and the avante garde ‘Archigram’ group, all of which found its way back into YeunHae’s practice.  

Wellington College International Tianjin

Plug in City by Peter Cook for Archigram, 1964

YeunHae’s application culminated in an interview where he was required to present his portfolio to world renowned architect Professor CJ Lim. To prepare for this we spent many hours researching his work, discussing angles he might take and watching his lectures on Youtube. Interestingly we discovered that Prof Lim was influenced by the 20th century artist Marcel Duchamp and by the effects of interculturalism on architectural practice; two things which YeunHae had referenced in his personal statement and drawing task. 

“I am extremely proud of YeunHae, an example of what can be achieved though excellent student / teacher collaboration and communication, hard work and focus. I am particularly pleased that YeunHae’s portfolio was made up exclusively of work produced during his A level studies, confirming that parents do not need to spend extra, sometimes large, sums of money on outside portfolio workshops.  ”

We currently have at least one pupil in year 12 with their eye on a Bartlett application and YeunHae’s achievement means we can look forward with great optimism and confidence.”

YeunHae also holds offers from, among others, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Manchester, the University of Toronto and the University of Sydney. Wellington Alumni are now studying architecture at many of the most respected institutions in the world including RISD, UAL and AA.

YeunHae commented on his own achievement:

“The moment I read the offer email, starting with Congratulations… from The Bartlett, UCL, is undoubtedly one of the most exciting moments of my life. I would like to thank my teachers, parents, and friends for supporting me throughout this great journey at this wonderful school, where I have been studying for 7 years.

As a student who loves design and technology and art, I knew that architecture was for me, and my biggest goal was to get into the Bartlett School. I have enjoyed researching their work, watching their online lectures and these gave me a huge passion and motivation to be one of them one day. Preparing for the Bartlett, UCL, was the hardest application I had to go through. I had to complete drawing tasks and had an interview to talk about my portfolio.

Wellington College International Tianjin

Regarding my achievement, I would like to especially mention, my art teacher, Mr. Batey, who supported me throughout the whole journey. He gave me great advice and ideas for my portfolio, the drawing tasks and helped me with the interview. Not only that, but he also stayed up until midnights going through my portfolio drafts with me to make sure I had the best chance of getting into the top universities.

Also, I would like to thank my other subject teachers and my tutor, Ms Stevens, as well as the university guidance team for keeping me motivated and supported during a such difficult time with Covid-19 outbreaks and many other challenges. I’m truly honoured to get an opportunity to study at such a unique and high-calibre architecture school.

Wellington College International Tianjin

University Guidance Team

Lastly, for the future students who wish to get into the top Art / Architecture schools, I would like to advise them to keep working hard, stay motivated and make the most of your time in the school workshops, because I believe that the school has given me more than enough support with portfolios and the application processes.”

Wellington College International Tianjin

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