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Scott Damron is Ready to Embark on a Historic Two-Week Bicycle Tour Across Chile and Argentina

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Scott Damron is Ready to Embark on a Historic Two-Week Bicycle Tour Across Chile and Argentina

January 16
15:41 2023

On February 2nd, 2023, Scott Damron will embark on the journey of his lifetime: traveling across two major South American regions, Chile and Argentina, by bicycle. He has set up a website dedicated entirely to recording every step he takes throughout his two-week-long travel experience with maps, videos, and stories that anyone can follow along. He also plans on staying up-to-date via satellite messaging systems, so friends and family back home will always know he’s safe along each leg of his major milestone accomplishments.

Having traveled across the country extensively for several years, Scott, a self-proclaimed “traveling nomad” from Georgia, is no stranger to adventure. But this trek will be of epic proportions and one that he has carefully planned over the past three years – ever since his epiphany hit him on an exotic backpacking journey throughout Chile and Argentina in 2019.

“I wanted to do something really meaningful, and journeying across the world has been a dream since I was little. This idea of traveling South America, mainly Chile and Argentina, by bicycle was sparked by my time living there on a short vacation before the pandemic,” Damron said enthusiastically, speaking at a press conference last month. “To me, it felt like more than just seeing new places – I wanted to connect deeper with each country’s culture, history, food, and people.”

His goal behind such an ambitious project is to get off the beaten path and explore untouched places most tourists don’t even know exist. Scott also aims to share all his findings through his website to create a vast online resource for travelers interested in experiencing South America on two wheels.

The website will also serve as a platform for people to follow his regular updates and planned route, with every major stop divided into “chapters” that will track the progress of each day as he travels various roads and trails. People can follow along through the site or even join him during certain portions of trips.

Scott hopes that this cross-country adventure highlights not only South America’s grandeur but also its hospitality. From breathtaking landscapes to amazing people met en route, he promises to deliver plenty of surprises through his site during his travel in Chile and Argentina while encouraging cycling to promote sustainable travel practices both locally and internationally.

“I’m so excited about this opportunity and all that I’ll be able to see along the way! It’s both terrifying – but exhilarating at the same time,” he explained with a broad smile. “It gives me great joy to share my experiences online throughout such an incredible journey!” These are spoken words from one brave explorer ready to take off into uncharted territory.

As Scott prepares himself mentally and physically for what could be considered one of the most daring bicycle tours ever attempted by any traveler across these regions, his friends, family, and business associates wish him all safety and success throughout such an exciting journey.

About Scott Damron:

Scott Damron is a Georgia-based businessman and solo traveler who wants to explore the world by bicycle. After several months of planning, he will begin his journey across Chile and Argentina on February 2nd, 2023. The entire adventure will be documented online through his official website.

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