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The patented Hamza Aliwa, one of the best researchers in the Middle East.

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The patented Hamza Aliwa, one of the best researchers in the Middle East.

January 24
20:01 2023

According to Forbes magazine

A 24 years old ranked his research among the most important (ranked 17th out of the 25 most important research in the world for 2022).


Research has contributed to the development of a physical equation that allows the control of light mass.

What many scientists have been unable to prove. Research has gained the attention of many research institutes.

The idea of research is to control the light from the three-dimensional screen.

Until the two lights merge and move to the eye as a single image, there will be no needed three-dimensional glasses.


According to local British newspapers, a three-dimensional screen without special glasses will significantly change cinema screens and computers and will be a qualitative shift for screen manufacturers.

Although the screen has been integrated with an X-ray (CT) imaging device, as an attempt to develop medical devices and use inventions for the benefit of human health, the device will be the first radiography device that displays the human body in three dimensions, which will help to diagnose the disease faster.


After applied the research idea from “ICEN” for innovation. The invention was shown in Munich and Geneva Switzerland in February 2022.

The research was published in the scientific journal Elsevier and received a Q1 Scopus rate (the highest rate).


Increased chance of being nominated from 25 researchers (all patented) to be volunteer on scientific research at the U.S. Space Agency (NASA).

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