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Scars Clinical Trials | A Drug Pipeline Analysis Report 2023 | DelveInsight

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Scars Clinical Trials | A Drug Pipeline Analysis Report 2023 | DelveInsight

January 26
06:05 2023
Scars Clinical Trials | A Drug Pipeline Analysis Report 2023 | DelveInsight
Scars Pipeline Insights
DelveInsight’s, “Scars – Pipeline Insight, 2023,” report provides comprehensive insights about 10+ companies and 10+ pipeline drugs in Scars pipeline landscape. It covers the pipeline drug profiles, including clinical and nonclinical stage products. It also covers the therapeutics assessment by product type, stage, route of administration, and molecule type. It further highlights the inactive pipeline products in this space.

United States, Nevada, Las Vegas, DelveInsight’s Scars Pipeline Insight 2023 report provides comprehensive global coverage of available, marketed, and pipeline Scars therapies in various stages of clinical development, major pharmaceutical companies are working to advance the pipeline space and future growth potential of the Scars pipeline domain.

Key Takeaways from the Scars Pipeline Report

  • Over 10+ Scars pipeline therapies are in various stages of development, and their anticipated acceptance in the Scars market would significantly increase market revenue. 
  • Leading Scars companies developing novel drug candidates to improve the Scars treatment landscape include First String Research, Sirnaomics, and others.
  • Promising Scars pipeline therapies in various stages of development include Granexin Gel, STP 705, and others.

Scars Overview

If the injury damages the top layer of the skin, patient likely sees new skin when the wound heals. To repair damage that goes deeper than the first layer, body makes a tissue that’s thicker than skin. This thicker tissue often becomes a scar. New scars have a pink to reddish color. As a scar matures, it often turns lighter or darker than your skin. Most scars are flat, and the skin on top tends to look wrinkled. If body makes lots of extra tissue, a raised scar is seen. Sometimes, the body makes an excessive amount of extra tissue and a raised scar that is bigger than the original wound is seen. This type of raised scar is called a keloid. A sunken scar, is seen if something causes a lot of inflammation in skin, such as acne or chickenpox. This happens because the inflammation destroys collagen in the skin. This type of scar tends to appear when acne or chickenpox heals. With the right wound care, it’s possible to minimize scarring. Sometimes, it can prevent a scar from forming. When caring for a wound, it’s important to keep it clean. When cleaning a wound, use soap and water. Never use hydrogen peroxide, which can further damage the skin. It’s also important to get stitches when patients need them. This can help the skin to heal and lessen scarring. Scars come in many shapes and sizes. If patient have two or more scars, patient may notice that the two scars look very different. This happens because so much affects what a scar looks like, including the: Cause (accident, acne, burn, surgery, etc.), wound (size and how deeply the wound penetrated your skin), body part (where you wounded your skin), wound care (how you treated the wound). A scar forms when the body heals an injury. When a person injure the skin, a scar can form after the wound heals. 

Scars Pipeline Analysis: Drug Profile

Granexin Gel : First String Research

Granexin gel is a topical formulation of aCT1 developed to address unmet clinical needs within the field of dermatology. FirstString’s dermatology program is currently focused on three main areas: medical countermeasures, cutaneous scarring, and thermal burns. Currently the product is in Phase 2/3 stage of development in reducing scar severity in surgical wounds following bilateral anchor incision breast surgery.

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Scars Key Companies

  • First String Research
  • Sirnaomics

Scars Pipeline Therapies

  • Granexin Gel
  • STP 705

Scars Pipeline Therapeutics Assessment

  • By development stage
  • By product type
  • By route of administration
  • By molecule type
  • By MOA type 

Scope of the Scars Pipeline Report 

  • Coverage: Global 
  • Key Scars Companies: First String Research, Sirnaomics, and others
  • Key Scars Pipeline Therapies: Granexin Gel, STP 705, and others

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Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Executive Summary

3. Overview

4. Pipeline Therapeutics

5. Late-Stage Products (Phase III)

6. Mid-Stage Products (Phase  II)

7. Early Stage Products (Phase  I/II)

8. Preclinical Stage Products

9. Discovery Stage Products

10. Therapeutic Assessment

11. Inactive Products

12. Collaborations Assessment- Licensing / Partnering / Funding

13. Unmet Needs

14. Market Drivers and Barriers

15. Appendix

16. About DelveInsight

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