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The World’s First Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange Investing in Block Chain-block Hash, [BlockDx] Launches in Feb

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The World’s First Decentralized Crypto Currency Exchange Investing in Block Chain-block Hash, [BlockDx] Launches in Feb

January 30
16:36 2023

Multi-chain-based “Polygon Matic” block hash exchanges open in Feb.

The world’s first crypto currency exchange based on the hash of the blockchain block will be launched in Feb.

On 25th Jan. The “BlockDx” Foundation announced that it will open “BlockDx”, the world’s first block hash material exchange that supports multi-chain, in February.

The investment object of the exchange is the hash of the block. The hash value of the block generated every 2 seconds is the investment target, and the hash value is created with a combination of English letters and numbers. First of all, manipulation is impossible. Investors can invest in “B mode” when expect last number of the hash value, in 0 to 4, and “L mode” when 5 to 9 are expected. Therefore, the probability of making a profit is exactly 50%. Considering that exchange success rates are usually below 30%, this 50% is evaluated as a very high rate of return.

Exchange fees have also been drastically reduced at 0.01%, and it is lower than 0.05% of “Upbit”, the largest exchange in Korea.

The “BlockDx” Foundation also said, “All investments on the exchange always converge with a 50% win rate, so investors can enjoy investing without burden.” . The exact investment targets are polygon coins, blocks of Matic, and hash values. Polygon is currently the lowest transaction cost of the various main nets, and supported by the most platforms as a sidechain for Ethereum. In addition, various applications are being actively built. It is evaluated as optimal for the exchange.

In addition, “BlockDx” is directly connected to the investor’s wallet. Linked to personal wallets such as “Token Pocket, Meta Mask”, investor can invest with their coins on the exchange, and receive profits directly into their wallet whenever profits occur. Decentralized exchanges (DEX) that trade directly with their wallets are becoming more active as the credit of global exchanges plummeted due to the bankruptcy of FTX, the world’s third-largest virtual asset exchange at the end of last year. DEX allows the investors to directly trade coins in their own wallet regardless of the exchange.“BlockDx” has built a system where the customer’s return on investment is immediately and quickly returned to their wallet. This eliminates customer anxiety. 

Since the Tera-Luna incident, exchanges where investment profits are not immediately deposited have appeared one after another, leading to market instability such as “Bank Run”.  Because the personal wallet is directly connected, there is no unnecessary procedure such as the usual KYC of exchanges, and there is no need to expose personal information. The exchange also supports multi-chain. When the exchange opens in February, the service will start with the polygon chain, and in the first half of 2023, multi-chains such as “Ethereum”, “Binance”, and “Tron” will be serviced one after another.

“BlockDx” is also considered to be technically complete. Built as a Web 3.0 decentralized application (Dapp), it received high scores in safety and speed. It is evaluated that it surpasses the world’s top exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance, and Upbit in terms of speed.

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