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NYXI Launches Brand New Joy-pad Series, A Bold Innovation of NYXI WIZARD

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NYXI Launches Brand New Joy-pad Series, A Bold Innovation of NYXI WIZARD

January 31
22:26 2023

NYXI combines innovation with inspiring design to help people get highly technical, durable, and ultra-stylish game controllers and game accessories. The newly released NYXI Wizard products series brighten the way for NYXI to innovate in gaming products.  


NYXI launched mainly three controller series: Athena, Hyperion, and Wizard. The joystick sensitivity of the controller, the comfort and rebound of the button, ergonomic design of the feel, all have been upgraded by NYXI. In the development of the retro series of NYXI WIZARD, NYXI introduced new technology to solve the biggest pain for gamers. They use Hall-effect joysticks, and the sensors do not wear out like they do on analog joysticks because the components in the joystick never physically touch. This means, theoretically, the Hall Effect joystick will never experience drift in its lifetime. This has certainly been a great surprise to gamers and the customers are very satisfied. As a result, NYXI products are popular on all platforms, with nearly 1,000 celebrities in the gaming field joining the NYXI brand alliance on Youtube, and videos averaging 100,000 views. The NYXI attracted a large group of followers.

Countless Attempts, NYXI has been building its brand soul around the core of customer needs and innovating brand values with a fashion spirit. They innovate products with care and efficiency to meet the personalized, fragmented and multi-level consumption needs of young people. NYXI has integrated visual color, innovation, and top quality into the brand, based on the “Start with gamers, Stay with gamers” orientation, to create a new gaming products brand.

NYXI’s products are distributed worldwide and embrace a wealth of supply chains in China. We have rich experience in purchasing and manufacturing in China to ensure quality production and provide a wide range of unique and quality game accessories. The mission of NYXI is to pursue innovative technology, comprehensive quality guarantee, and superior customer service to bring gamers the most cost-effective and satisfying game accessories.

Rapid adaptation makes NYXI different. When new ideas and demands come across, NYXI dares to step in and make some changes to its products. NYXI strives to create products that better meet the needs of a wide variety of console types, cater to all needs of users, personalize the gaming experience, and aim to satisfy and entertain all types of game players.





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