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Anika Digital Holdings Undergoes Full Company Rebranding to Anika Green Energy

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Anika Digital Holdings Undergoes Full Company Rebranding to Anika Green Energy

February 28
03:11 2023
Anika Digital Holdings announces a change of name to Anika Green Energy as a part of the company’s rebranding strategy and focus on renewable energy.

Anika Digital Holdings has changed its name to Anika Green Energy. The full company rebranding aligns with the company’s strategy towards enhancing rural communities with Green Bitcoin.

“Anika Digital Holdings (ADH) has partnered with local and state officials in rural communities where the industry has been lost, and economies have been forgotten,” says the company’s Founder and Managing Director, Jason Roberts. “Anika Green Energy (AGE) produces clean, reliable, green renewable energy to power our onsite Bitcoin mining facilities. Our vertically integrated system enables AGE to govern our own energy production and Bitcoin mining, thus freeing us from any outside, uncontrollable Bitcoin mining downtime. This integration empowers independence from future government regulations, enabling a predictive cost of future Energy Production.”

The renamed entity goes with the tagline – “Enhancing rural communities with repurposed renewable energy.”

They create programs that assist in rural communities’ redevelopment and future prosperity by focusing on planet sustainability while developing philanthropic community support.

The company has a team of professionals who are pioneers in Green Energy Bitcoin Mining.

We are “taking a whole lot of nothing for the opportunity of everything,” the Founder added.

AGE aims to successfully turn stranded power assets into energy-delivering enterprises. The most significant benefit of the project will be the ability to inject economic opportunity into failing rural communities.

AGE also has plans to use excess energy like steam to create community greenhouses. They will invest a portion of their profit into mental health and addiction treatment facilities and the science behind renewable energy.

AGE is keen to establish itself as a renewable green energy company that utilizes digital crypto assets to monetize onsite green energy. The aim is to use these assets to help rebuild and support rural communities. They have plans to work with the state and local governments to inject energy and support into the weakened rural communities and create new opportunities for them.

The renewable energy company fully supports harnessing the planet’s abundant clean energy. They want to create better awareness about green energy usage and its value in reshaping rural communities. The company has an open mind about various aspects of Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

Anika Green Energy was featured on an episode of Ted Danson & Advancements to explain to the world the purpose of creating AGE. They talked about how crypto technology and decentralized finance can provide significant benefits to consumers and investors.

Tune in and by the end of the show, you will know how Anika Green Energy fits into the picture of the future market and crypto industry. The show aired on February 11th, on Bloomberg.

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About Anika Green Energy:

Founded under a vision of purposefulness, Anika Green Energy seeks to solve a massive problem affecting the planet, Bitcoin mining. Anika Green Energy repurposes Green Energy infrastructures, such as biomass, in order to energize onsite Bitcoin Mining operations. AGE takes it a step further by using a percentage of the mined Bitcoin profits to remonetize rural communities left behind by lost economic opportunities.

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