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Following OP and ARB airdrops, Japan’s popular NFT project comes with a 230 million PRMX airdrop

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Following OP and ARB airdrops, Japan’s popular NFT project comes with a 230 million PRMX airdrop

April 03
07:36 2023

In the vicissitudes of the encryption market, some opportunities are as short-lived as bubbles, while others are pearls worth holding on to. For those who missed the OP and ARB airdrops, perhaps their hearts are full of endless regrets at this moment. But when one door closes, another window always opens to us. This time, Japan’s popular NFT project PREMA conducted a large-scale airdrop of tokens, giving those who are eager to explore the blockchain world a chance to start again.

“On March 30th, PREMA (PRMX) and BitMart jointly issued an announcement to start a large-scale airdrop for global users to repay the market’s trust in PREMA (PRMX) and BitMart. The total amount is 234.85 million PRMX tokens, worth nearly $1 million.”

Activity form: social media interaction, holding PRMX, holding BMX, effective transactions;

Activity time: 18:00, March 30, 2023 – 18:00, April 6, 2023 (UTC+8);

Official link:

It is reported that PREMA has entered the white list of Japanese exchanges. The last Japanese blockchain project successfully listed on the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange was named Jasmy. Previously, an industry analyst published an article in the media saying that PREMA may become the first NFT project to be listed on a Japanese cryptocurrency exchange. Surprisingly, PRMX rose by more than 80% within a week. Regarding this large-scale airdrop event, people checked the PREMA white paper, which seems to be in their plan, and it is written in the token distribution entry:

“Marketing accounts for 30% of the total circulation and they are allocated to community building, airdropping user contributions to the platform, etc.”

After the joint announcement with BitMart, PREMA’s official Twitter released another tweet, saying that after this large-scale airdrop event, there will be a larger-scale event. The content of the tweet:

“Staking PRMX is recommended as people will have another big event after this one. Get in on a little sneak peek…..haha”

From this point of view, this PRMX airdrop event is an important start for this project. They are proceeding according to the pre-development plan so that more people have the opportunity to understand and participate in it. PREMA has built a unique ecosystem, allowing artists, collectors, and game lovers to swim in it. The project has always maintained a humble and pragmatic attitude on the road of steady development, bringing unprecedented value to investors.

PREMA, as an emerging Japanese NFT project, aims to create a global and diversified NFT ecosystem, using advanced blockchain technology to closely integrate reality and the virtual world. Now people see that PREMA is steadily developing and advancing. With its strong potential and leading technology, it has already emerged in the encryption field. As Jordan Belfort, The Wolf of Wall Street, said: “The winners are those who are greedy when others panic.” In PREMA, an emerging project, people are confident that they can be the real winners.

One of the cores of the PREMA project is its token ecosystem. In this system, the mechanism of token deflation, pledge and commission allows investors’ income to be closely linked with the development of the project. With the launch of PREMA Wallet, users can manage their assets more conveniently. The PREMA project also adopts multi-chain support, combined with advanced technologies such as traceability systems, to provide users with a safe and reliable trading environment.

PREMA is not only an NFT trading platform, but also an ecosystem covering multiple fields and NFT applications. In this world, “Yoshimoto Digital Coreka” and “Japanese pop star Digital Message Trading Cards” have attracted the attention of countless fans; GameFi’s association with NFT immerses game lovers in it. This project is also working hand in hand with partners in various fields and the Metaverse project to make GameFi flourish. In the world of PREMA (PRMX), technology and art, business and entertainment are perfectly integrated, bringing users an unprecedented feast.

In addition, PREMA is well aware of the needs of users, so, in terms of payment, it supports various payment methods such as yen spot, credit card, PAYPAY, and Japan’s largest mobile phone operator (au/softbank/docomo), bringing users the ultimate Convenient experience. As the saying goes, “opportunities are always reserved for those who are prepared”, the PREMA project will become the most famous NFT project in Japan and even in the world. This airdrop is just the beginning. In the future, PREMA (PRMX) will continue to carry out larger-scale community feedback activities and gradually launch on leading exchanges. “The currency market is risky, and investment needs to be cautious.” However, for such a bright pearl as PREMA (PRMX), seizing this opportunity will be another rare opportunity.

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