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New Zealand Visa From Czech, Denmark, Finland and Germany

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New Zealand Visa From Czech, Denmark, Finland and Germany

April 28
20:10 2023


Travellers from the Czech Republic who plan to visit New Zealand for tourist or business for less than 90 days must have an authorised NZeTA. New Zealand exempted 60 countries from visa requirements. Czech citizens who desire to visit New Zealand must have a valid NZeTA with them before to departure. Czech travellers who plan to stay in New Zealand for an extended period of time and want to surpass the NZeTA 90-day continuous stay limit should look into the many types of tourist visas issued by the New Zealand government to select the ideal one for their needs. The tourist, on the other hand, need NZETA, or the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority. The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority was introduced by the New Zealand Government and will be mandatory from 31 October 2019. The NZeTA is quick and easy to obtain and can be applied for online, eliminating the need to visit a New Zealand diplomatic mission. Applicants are therefore advised to submit their NZeTA application form at least 3 working days prior to the intended departure date to ensure reasonable processing time.

NZeTA Requirements For Czech Citizens

  • The citizen’s passport should remain valid for at least three months after the extended departure date from the home country.
  • The NZeTA application online form must be filled correctly and completely.
  • A valid credit or debit card to pay for the online application and IVL fees
  • A valid email address to receive the approved eTA visa waiver in their Inbox.
  • The citizen with dual citizenship must give the passport details of the passport they are going to travel.
  • The travelers traveling with family members or minors must apply an eTA individually for each member.


Danish citizens have required an eTA from the New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) since July 2019 in order to enter New Zealand without a Danish visa for a period of 90 days under the Scheme Visa Waiver System, which was adopted in 2009. Danish residents are eligible to apply for a NZeTA due to visa waiver agreements Denmark has with the New Zealand government. Danish citizens can visit New Zealand using a variety of visas. The maximum length of stay for Danish travelers with a New Zealand visa waiver is 90 days. The New Zealand eTA is a multiple entry visa that allows Danish visa waiver holders to visit the country several times over the course of two years. The process of obtaining a New Zealand eTA or New Zealand visa waiver is very simple and only takes a few minutes using a computer, mobile phone or tablet with a good internet connection. Since the entire application process takes place online, Danish travelers can avoid going to the local New Zealand embassy or consulate to obtain a visa.

Requirements for the NZeTA for Danish Citizens

  • Having a valid passport issued by the Danish government.
  • The passport should have a validity of at least 3 months beyond the date of departure from New Zealand.
  • Having a valid debit/credit card information to pay the online processing fee and the tourist tax.
  • Having a current email address to receive updates and notifications regarding the status of the NZeTA application.
  • Applicants of Denmark must have a clean criminal and immigration record
  • Danish citizens must also have sound health when applying for their NZeTA unless they are traveling to the country for medical treatment or consultation.


The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority, NZeTA, enables Finnish travellers to stay in New Zealand for up to 90 days for tourism purposes. Finnish citizens and nationals of 59 other countries are eligible to apply for a NZeTA visa waiver under the agreements Finland has with the New Zealand government. The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) is a visa-free travel scheme that began in July 2019. It allows eligible people to visit New Zealand for holiday, business, or transit without having to produce visa documents at an embassy. Citizens of this country must simply apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization, or ETA. The New Zealand eTA allows for repeated entry for short-term stays during its validity period, which is two years. You must also pay a processing fee known as the International Visitor Tourism and Conservation Fee (IVL) to receive an approved New Zealand eTA via email. As the eTA is electronically linked to a specific passport, travelers with more than one passport should ensure they travel to New Zealand using the same passport that was used to complete the eTA application. Those wishing to travel to New Zealand for longer stays or to work or study will require a visa and should contact the nearest New Zealand embassy or consulate for further information. Finnish citizens can obtain the necessary travel permits to visit New Zealand in a matter of days or even hours without having to go to a New Zealand embassy or consulate. Applying for the NZeTA visa waiver is easy and can be completed in 10 minutes from any mobile phone, tablet or computer with an internet connection.

Required Documents to apply for an NZeTA for Finland

  • Passport: Make sure that your passport is not expiring for at least the next 6 months. Additionally, it should have one blank page for the stamp.
  • During filling up the form, you will be asked to enter the arrival date as well as the departure date. This is mandatory.
  • Email address: The tourist will be requiring a valid email address because as the application is scrutinized and accepted, the NZeTA is sent digitally on the email ID mentioned in the form. Though it is advised to take a hard copy of it too while traveling.
  • Scanned passport size photograph should also be kept.
  • Payment: One should have a valid means of online payment. Be its debit card, credit card or the PayPal account.
  • Proof of stay: A copy of your reservation for a hotel room, a private room, or lodgings with a friend or family member is required as proof that you have a place to stay.


  • Passport: To apply for a visa, you must have a passport that will remain valid for at least three months after your scheduled departure and, on occasion, for up to six months.
  • Evidence of financial capacity: You must present bank statements or proof of a savings account to prove that you have the money to pay for the charges of your trip.
  • Application for a Visa: You must identify and complete the appropriate application form with your personal data; online visa applications may be available depending on the country you are visiting.
  • Request letter: You must submit the invitation letter and the rest of your visa documentation if friends or family have asked you to visit them.
  • Image: To be eligible for a New Zealand visa, you must have at least one valid visa photo. Some countries may require multiple pictures.
  • Travel insurance: When visiting a foreign country, you must have valid travel insurance that covers unforeseen medical costs.
  • Travel itinerary: You must provide a complete itinerary with your visa application, listing every destination you want to visit together with the dates and length of your stay.


New Zealand is located in the southwestern region of the Pacific Ocean and is endowed with natural beauty. Because of this, it is one of the most popular and popular tourist spots in the world. Anyone intending to visit New Zealand must first obtain a visa. To visit New Zealand, German citizens must obtain a NZeTA. Visitors with a NZeTA do not require a visa to visit New Zealand. German citizens must meet some basic New Zealand eTA requirements in order to travel visa-free to New Zealand. The New Zealand eTA, or New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority, is a visa waiver initiative that went into effect in 2019. The New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA) provides an online visa waiver for German citizens. It allows eligible visitors from over 190 countries, including Germany, to visit New Zealand for pleasure, business, or transit purposes. The New Zealand eTA for Germans, once received, permits the holder to visit New Zealand several times without a visa for the duration of its validity (up to two years). German visitors with an NZeTA can stay up to 30 days on each visit. The New Zealand Visa Waiver Scheme was introduced to increase security and protection. The New Zealand eTA for German citizens grants visa-free access to the country for stays of up to 3 months. The New Zealand eTA is also electronically linked to the German passport. Citizens from Germany must apply for a visa before entering New Zealand if they plan to stay in New Zealand for more than 3 months. The NZeTA application for Germans is quick and easy to fill out online. The authorization process is quick, easy and should take less than 30 minutes for most applicants.

New Zealand eTA Requirements for German Citizens

  • A valid German passport – The traveler’s passport needs to have a validity of at least 3 months after the trip to New Zealand. The approved eTA will be electronically linked to this document.
  • A valid payment method – To complete and submit the New Zealand eTA application, travelers will need to pay the application fee and NZ International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy fee (already included in the total cost). This can be done using a valid debit or credit card.
  • A valid email address – Finally, all travelers are required to enter a valid email address on their application. This is to receive notifications regarding the New Zealand eTA and a copy of the authorization once approved.
  • A recent photograph of the German applicant.

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