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Pledge on World Health Day to Stay in Shape

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Pledge on World Health Day to Stay in Shape

April 07
01:14 2016

shapeNew Delhi, Thursday, April 7 – One of the hardest challenges in front of both young and old populace in this day and age is to stay fit. Insufficient diet, lack of nourishment in food, increased intake of alcohol in daily life, smoking, inadequate sums to splurge on purchasing of wholesome ingredients etc. are some of the reasons why most of the people do not show signs of growth both mentally and physically in spite of getting older with each passing year.

The World Health Day is commemorated with a distinct theme every year. Objective is to draw attention to the priority area of public health. In view of the fact that it’s a wonderful opportunity for the folks in each community to involve themselves in different activities which can further guide to better health, inhabitants must make use of the chance that come in way. More than a few resolutions for themselves and society could help the nation be healthy and content. If truth be told then good health is a key source of bringing joy in a number of ways while on the other hand, poor health and lack of care during eating & drinking are the mood killers.

When people are in good health, they will be able to accomplish their work with sheer concentration. When health is affected, it becomes nearly impossible for the individuals to finish both important and unimportant chores on time and with finesse. As a matter of fact, schedules have become too tight that having breakfast seems a tough task for the school and office goers. In fact, homemakers find it hard to at least give their body nutrition that’s of the essence and essential to gain energy. Having bananas, strawberries, blueberries, oatmeal, brown rice, low fat milk-based foods, whole grain chapatti and pasta made from multi grains are good for heart.

Quite a lot of issues can be sorted out just by limiting sugar and salt intake in day to day life. Excess of both may lead to illnesses like high blood pressure, diabetes etc. A little bit awareness during climate transition lends a hand to individuals steer clear of seasonal flu. Most favorable solution against mosquito menace cut down the possibility of being affected by dengue, encephalitis and malaria. The secret of good lifestyle lies behind small but crucial gauges. Those who keep their health the prime concern are more satisfied than those who don’t.

The masses should follow all those healthy methods of living that can let them stay unaffected when climate changes. Healthy eating and inclusion of required nutrients are the ways through which sickness can be kept at bay. All those who wish to remain hearty and in shape must go for entire body checkup at least for once in a year. This can lower down the possibility of being surprised by unpredicted illness in the long run. There is no magic stick for being on top form. A disciplined lifestyle can do the magic and things what one may not imagine. Surveillance over health is vital and shouldn’t be ignored at any cost. On World Health Day, if people pledge to spread health literacy as much as possible, nothing can be better than this.

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