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Team of Educators Celebrate Launch of a New Digital Game-Based Learning Platform

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Team of Educators Celebrate Launch of a New Digital Game-Based Learning Platform

February 22
16:45 2024


After months of extensive research and public feedback (from students, parents, teachers and school administrators), a team of tenured educators partnered with a software developer to launch a unique digital game-based learning platform that will empower teachers with an innovative and “interactive” method of teaching.  Leveraging the power of tech, the platform further promises to deliver improved learning outcomes that aligns with the modern digital era and will keep students engaged and motivated in the learning process.   As an “on-the-go” learning tool, students can gain access to an exciting educational experience from anywhere on their desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

This innovative teaching platform, (called “SchoolDoku”) harnesses the globally popular Sudoku game, and is played with the use of images, letters or icons in place of numbers.  “Our research revealed that Sudoku as a custom digital game-based learning tool, would be perfect in creating an engaging and fun learning experience for students,” said one of the teachers involved in the project.  “With our platform, students can be challenged on virtually any subject as they arrange the images on a grid of 9 x 9 spaces without repeating any of them in any row, column or square.  These are the same game rules as traditional Sudoku, which students would already be familiar with.”


As teachers across many educational institutions increasingly seek ways to enhance student leaning, SchoolDoku can be used in small group instruction, during recess periods, after school activities, and even for homework assignments as way to supplement existing curricula.  The flexibility of SchoolDoku and its game-based learning components, can also empower tutors and parents alike to help students engage with educational content in a fun and interactive way.  “There’s no disputing the benefits and educational outcomes of game-based learning, which contribute to improving engagement, motivation and creativity,” said another teacher involved in creation of the platform.  “The SchoolDoku game-based learning concept, contributes further in this process to improve logical thinking, reasoning, problem solving and decision making.”  An infographic on the long list of educational outcomes as well as a live demo game can be found at

“After months of exhaustive team collaboration, we are extremely excited and proud of the platform we created,” said the Joe Rivera, the team’s project lead and developer.  “With so much flexibility and advanced customization options, which include controllable settings for colors, sounds, popup quizzes, videos, and game complexity levels, we feel confident in saying that there’s no other platform like it anywhere,” further stated Mr. Rivera.  For added motivation and excitement, teachers can create contests within the games and prizes can be awarded to students with the highest game scores.  This approach will foster light competition and further engagement.  Game scores are tracked via an Admin dashboard and also contain advanced analytics and engagement metrics that teachers can access anytime.  The SchoolDoku team will also hold weekly online training sessions that will cover navigation of the intuitive dashboard and how to launch the games quickly and easily.  The training sessions will further serve as a mini consortium for the SchoolDoku team to collect feedback and ideas for the platform’s improvement and roadmap.


Teachers, tutors, parents and any educational institution can get lifetime access to the platform, which is being offered on a limited basis before it’s made available to the broader market for a paid monthly subscription.  More details can be found by visiting

The SchoolDoku team will continue to relentlessly update and improve the platform’s features to ensure it maximizes its central purpose of making learning fun, engaging and interactive.  The team also has plans to release other types of digital game-based learning tools so that, aside from traditional instruction models, teachers have access to more options that successfully educate and inspire future generations.  In the early planning stages of SchoolDoku and using feedback to help in its development, one parent of a school aged child commented, “I would prefer for my child to play with SchooDoku rather than a mindless game with gore and violence that has no educational value.”   

About SchoolDoku

With its chief business operations based in Stamford, Connecticut, the SchoolDoku creators and talented collaborators (in concert with what they have coined the “Webducation Initiative”), have committed and agreed to continuing the mission of improving the platform with advanced features that keep with the pace of tech and the digital game-based learning ecosystem.  The team is also actively pursuing partnerships with investors, boards of education, corporate sponsorships and other relevant partners to scale growth across the globe so that teachers in every continent have access to fun, innovative and engaging teaching methods.

For more information, please contact Joe Rivera at [email protected], 347-201-1999 or visit

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