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La Pure to Launch Milk ATMs !

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La Pure to Launch Milk ATMs !

September 30
06:37 2014

“La Pure”, a milk brand that is produced by the PDFA farmers (Progressive Dairy Farmers Association) and PDS (Progressive Dairy Solutions) will soon be available in an automated machine near you! The PDFA is an association of 6000 dairy farmers in Punjab, who by making use of technology and scientific methods are optimizing the milk production in the state.

These ATM’s will function 24/7, which will allow the residents of the bustling city of Ludhiana to have access to milk, nature’s wellness drink at any time, without the headache that is associated with it. It is a quick and efficient system of distribution.  Speaking on the same, Mr. Daljit Singh, president of the PDFA said, “ This will prove to be especially useful for working women, and also to people who work long hours during the day and return late at night, not leaving them with enough time to go and purchase their daily requirements such as milk.” The milk will be kept refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius to ensure that it remains fresh and does not spoil or curdle.

The PDFA puts a lot on emphasis on the procedures that are to be followed by their farmers. Monthly seminars are held, and a magazine called “Dairy Sandesh” as well as numerous pamphlets highlighting technological advancements are distributed to the farmers to keep them abreast and up-to date on the latest developments in the Industry. They are rearing the world famous Holstein Friesian(HF) cattle for milk production. Since these cows are from Europe, PDFA has constructed special sheds which are fitted with automatic sprinklers, cow mats and cow beds to ensure their comfort. Special techniques are also employed for calves and heifers to ensure healthy growth and disease management.

Further, the cattle which are used by the PDFA farmers are tagged using RFID technology for identification purposes. It helps the livestock producer to keep records of bloodlines, birth dates, vaccinations and other key criteria for the upkeep of the animals. It makes it much easier to manage the records of each animal, especially if the herd is looked after by one person or family.

As per Food Safety and Standards Authority 81% of the milk produced in Punjab, does not conform to set standards. Adulterants such as water, urea, detergents, hydrogen peroxide and other carbonates and bicarbonates are added to milk, making it extremely unsafe for consumption.

Commenting on the quality of milk produced by them, Mr. Munish Sharma, GM PDS said, “La Pure” has an extremely low somatic cell count of less than 2 lakh per ml of milk which is the European limit. The bacterial load or Somatic cell count increases when the milk is stored at a temperature higher than 5 degree. To maintain the temperature of the milk at less than 5 degrees, PDS is using high quality milking machines/ milking parlours/ bulk milk coolers and insulated milk vans. We also have a tie up with CIDLINES & OLMIX of France, for the process of cold chain management. Further, the nutrient level that is present in La Pures milk is up to European standards.”

The first of La Pures ATM machines will be set up at BRS Nagar in Ludhiana. 

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