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A Shanghai International School’s Record-Breaking Read-A-Thon

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A Shanghai International School’s Record-Breaking Read-A-Thon

April 10
18:27 2020

Libraries are the heart and soul of reading for both pleasure and academia. Every school and every community needs one. This is why some international schools in Shanghai such as Wellington College are proud to support the Library Project, a China-based organization determined to create wonderful libraries and reading spaces across the country’s more rural regions.

 A Shanghai International School’s Recording-Breaking Reading-A-Thon

Working closely with the College librarian, pupils and parents get readily involved in the support for the Library Project. The end of the Lent term saw this Shanghai international school’s pupils in years 1-8 getting into some serious page-turning action for the College’s fourth read-a-thon event. As with previous years, they followed a simple setup of seeking out sponsorship from parents or family members, who would agree to donate either a predetermined amount or a ‘per minute’ commitment based on the individual pupil’s target. Needless to say, most pupils shot right past their target reading time, as they really got into the spirit of the event.

 A Shanghai International School’s Recording-Breaking Reading-A-Thon

After a full week of exploring all manner of books – fiction and non-fiction, from high fantasy and crime thrillers to autobiographies and world histories – the school librarian Ms Jacobi found herself sorting through an astonishingly large number of donations raised by sponsored pupils at this international school in Shanghai. Through their combined efforts, they had managed the equivalent of six weeks of non-stop reading, securing a record-breaking level of sponsorship money in the process.

Star readers

While everyone involved in the read-a-thon has contributed to making it the College’s most successful to date, there are a few special mentions to be made. Some pupils made it their mission to clock up a truly impressive number of minutes:

 A Shanghai International School’s Recording-Breaking Reading-A-Thon

Nathaniel (year 3) read for 780 minutes

Oscar (year 4) read for 700 minutes

Julia (year 5) read for 730 minutes

Jade (year 5) read for 1004 minutes

Each of these star readers received small prizes, including various books and other reading materials and accessories. In terms of outstanding classes, year 1 and year 3 really shone with their collective totals of reading time, while The Stanley was far and away from the leading house, winning a set of encyclopedias for the houseroom.

All these star readers and groups received their prizes in the library as part of a small celebration held on the 10th of January. Joining the celebration were two representatives of the Library Project, who came to this Shanghai international school to receive the cheque and show their sincere appreciation. They indicated that this was one of the largest single donation amounts they had ever received.

Building a love of reading

According to the representatives at the Library Project, the money raised by pupils this year should be enough to fully outfit two libraries and may possibly stretch to funding a third. As with previous years, pupils from this Shanghai international school will likely take a trip to Shanxi province in April or May, circumstances permitting, to see the libraries being built thanks to the efforts of pupils and the generosity of their parents and family members.

 A Shanghai International School’s Recording-Breaking Reading-A-Thon

Efforts like supporting the Library Project allow children to fall in love with reading and discover new worlds that might otherwise have been closed to them as reading is a great gateway for children to greater understanding, enjoyment, and opportunity.

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