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Xay To Am – Bridging One’s Dreams of Home

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Xay To Am – Bridging One’s Dreams of Home

September 07
11:21 2023

Understanding the concerns of homeowners in their journey to realize their dream homes, Xay To Am was created with the mission to be the bridge connecting homeowners and contractors. Established in 2021, with dedication and professionalism, Xay To Am has already achieved significant success, completing 37 townhouse projects, collaborating with a network of over 64 professional contractors, and earning positive feedback and trust from numerous homeowners.

1. Resolving Homeowners’ Dilemmas in Contractor Search

Finding partners and contractors in the home construction journey has never been easy, especially at a time when there is an abundance of contractors in quantity but a shortage in quality. To discover a reputable and trustworthy contractor, homeowners must invest substantial time and effort into researching, comparing, assessing capabilities, and selecting contractors.

Recognizing the challenges faced by homeowners, Xay To Am – a product of MVC & CO LLC, a subsidiary of the Mitsui Group from Japan – was born. Xay To Am serves as a transparent and objective consultation platform, connecting homeowners with contractors. Consequently, homeowners can shorten the time spent searching for suitable contractors, facilitating a faster and more convenient journey to creating the dream nest.

Xay To Am’s network of contractors operates across diverse fields such as architectural and interior design, construction, manufacturing, and material trading. Furthermore, all introduced contractor networks by Xay To Am undergo a thorough 5-step verification process, following Japanese standards:

  • Step 1 – Verification: Xay To Am examines information and selects contractor profiles.
  • Step 2 – Confirmation: Xay To Am visits the contractor’s office, workshops, and ongoing projects.
  • Step 3 – Validation: Xay To Am inspects actual projects and interviews homeowners who have previously collaborated with the contractor for evaluation.
  • Step 4 – Categorization: Based on objective data collected, Xay To Am evaluates and categorizes contractors according to specific criteria.
  • Step 5 – Updates: Xay To Am regularly assesses, evaluates contractors, and updates information on its website.

With this 5-step verification process, numerous homeowners have placed their trust in and chosen Xay To Am to construct their dream homes.


Xay To Am – Your Reliable Companion, Fulfilling Dreams of Home


Two-story Thai-style townhouse exuding simplicity and modernity in Hai Duong City


A two-story townhouse characterized by simplicity and modernity, creating an irresistibly captivating allure in Da Nang.

2. Accompanying Homeowners to Realize Dream Homes

Xay To Am prioritizes “Trust” as its guiding principle in all company activities. Xay To Am promises to be an excellent companion in realizing homeowners’ dream homes. When working with Xay To Am, homeowners experience a clear, transparent, and dedicated workflow:

1 – Information Intake

When homeowners want to build, renovate, or design their interior spaces, they can contact Xay To Am via phone, email, or the website. Once the necessary information is received, Xay To Am schedules a meeting to exchange ideas and conducts an on-site survey of the renovation or new construction site.

2 – Contractor Selection with Homeowners

After listening to the homeowner’s desires and requirements and assessing the project’s current status, Xay To Am proposes 3 suitable contractors along with a preliminary evaluation. Subsequently, Xay To Am details the strengths and weaknesses of each contractor and assists the homeowner in choosing the most suitable one.

3 – Collaborating with Homeowners, Negotiating with Contractors, and Monitoring Quality

After selecting the preferred contractor, Xay To Am continues to collaborate with the homeowner to negotiate the quotation with the contractor. Through face-to-face meetings involving all parties, Xay To Am stands by the homeowner’s side, supporting negotiations to achieve the most favorable price.

Furthermore, even after the homeowner signs a contract with the contractor, Xay To Am continues to provide free advice on processes, design-construction solutions, and selecting the most suitable building materials according to each homeowner’s specific needs.

The architectural team at Xay To Am diligently inspects the contractor’s design drawings and offers specialized recommendations, ensuring high-quality homes for homeowners. Additionally, Xay To Am’s experts regularly visit construction sites and examine the quality of construction during crucial phases.


Xay To Am – A Reliable Companion for Many Homeowners

For those seeking assistance and further information about Xay To Am’s services, please refer to the following details:


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