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People in Nepal Still in Fear a Year after Destructive Tremors

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People in Nepal Still in Fear a Year after Destructive Tremors

April 27
03:07 2016

nepal quakeNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 27 – People in Nepal were in sheer distress when tremors struck the mountainous nation last year on April 25. More than 7000 residents lost their lives as the 7.9 magnitude tremor left a series of destruction from the passages of Kathmandu to far-flung regions. Horrible pictures of the damage in the surroundings are yet fresh in the minds of people living there. Phone lines and internet services were affected, making communication part extremely tough.

Not only Nepal but tremors were felt in some parts of India as well. Nearly 56 people died in Bihar, three in West Bengal and 12 in Uttar Pradesh after succumbing to injuries they met due to collapse of trees and houses. The schools in UP and Bihar were closed for a couple of days, taking into consideration the warnings of earthquakes in the near term. Certainly, Nepal was worst hit by the tremors. Launching rescue operations wasn’t easy for the reason that a number of buildings collapsed after not being able to bear the intensity of earthquake.

Many were lucky and managed to escape death. Several Indians were brought safely to India and were all words of praise for Modi government. They appreciated the quickness shown by Prime Minister of India and others showed to help sufferers. Had they been not so fast in taking action, the death toll could have increased. This was the belief of some young men safely landed on the home soil a year ago. Here is to mention that tremors do not kill people. It is basically due to the damage of the structures, which aren’t earthquake resistant and emerge as a key reason behind hundreds of thousands of death in one go.

Nearly a year ago, 22 mountaineers were killed in the Everest base camp. The Indian government declared a compensation of substantial amount to the relatives of those who lost their lives in this natural disaster. Not to forget that panic gripped India and Nepal once again when earthquakes were felt after a day and further as well. It is hard to forget that causalities in Nepal shook the world since it being the epicenter. The place was popular among tourists but the country turned full of debris, which took time to be removed completely. Almost 250 visitors were killed when the most popular nine-storey Dharhara Tower in Kathmandu toppled.

A number of sufferers thronged hospitals to get proper treatment. The medicines weren’t adequate to treat the patients. People in Nepal praised efforts by India in such a troublesome situation, however, weren’t too satisfied with the arrangements done by their government. A year after the tragedy, several residents are yet struggling to manage a space to spend life without a problem. Inhabitants are in search of a place where they and entire family can feel safe. “Physical pain can be borne but not the pain that gives heartache due to the untimely demise of loved ones”, said a few persons who were in tears while giving tribute to the victims of Nepal quake. “Perhaps, the pain is to remain forever with us and will go away only when we die”, added the survivors.

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